Assisted Living in Mandeville, LA

Our full-time caregivers assure your loved one is cared for like family.

Loving Like Family

At The Peristyle at Beau West, we embrace our individual residents and families, exceeding all expectations!

We believe increasing independence and quality of life among the elderly is pivotal in reducing costs associated with long-term care. There are many factors affecting the health and wellness of the elderly, including social engagement, physical activity, nutrition, and mental well-being. Our assisted living services are designed to protect our residents and promote healthy aging.

Exceptional Assisted Living & Care

Here at Beau West, everything we do is in the best interest of our residents, and we place a high value on the fact that each individual is unique and deserves only the best in quality of care, environment, and overall lifestyle. 

We invite you to reach out to us today to learn more about how your loved one can thrive in our nurturing senior care community.

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A Better Quality of Life

With our specialized programming, your loved one is able to live up to his or her emotional, spiritual, and functional potential.

Through each step of the journey, we are here to guide, and support your loved one and your family allowing you to enjoy many more special moments with your loved one. We provide 100% quality time and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Assisted Living Support and Care

Resident Benefits at Peristyle Beau West

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

ADL services are designed to help with everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, hygiene, etc. Our team of expert caregivers is on staff to help our residents with ADL’s twenty-four hours a day.

Social Interactions

As seniors age, social interaction becomes even more critical than ever, especially due to the increased likelihood of social isolation. We offer several weekly activities, so our residents can interact and stay entertained.

Personalized Memory Care

We create an individualized memory plan for each of our cherished residents. With our specialized programming, your loved one can live up to their emotional, spiritual, and functional potential at every stage of Alzheimer’s/dementia.

3 Meals a Day

We make sure your elderly loved one consumes nutritious foods and maintains a balanced diet. The natural process of aging requires increasing specific vitamins and nutrients in the bloodstream.

Medication Management

As seniors age, they often struggle with various degrees of memory loss, resulting in mismanaging medications. At Peristyle Beau West, we monitor all medications for our residents, so you have peace of mind your loved one is taking the proper medications at the correct times.

Mental Workouts

We implement mental workouts to improve or stabilize cognitive conditions, benefiting a healthy mind.

Assisted Living Explained

The aging population is growing at a rapid pace, which means the need for senior care is swiftly increasing
as well. Assisted living, also known as personal care, is a form of custodial care for seniors who need help with activities of daily living. Personal care affords seniors the opportunity to experience life in a monitored setting with assistance from trained care professionals. This allows them to live stress-free, without worrying about performing daily tasks they might find challenging as they age.

Often people confuse the term assisted living with another level of care. Contrary to a nursing home, assisted living facilities do not provide medical care to residents. Instead, personal care communities offer older adults assistance with activities of daily living such as housekeeping, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, etc.

When Is It Time For Assisted Living?

As your elderly loved one grows older, the question of “when is it time for assisted living” becomes more pressing. You may be concerned that they cannot live independently any longer and need to find a better alternative to care for them. We can all agree that we should never let our loved ones struggle without the help they need.

Does your loved one have a memory problem? Can they no longer walk from point A to point B without losing balance? Are they able to recognize people and places? Are they able to feed themselves 2-3 meals a day? If the answer is not a resounding yes, it might be time to look at alternative options with personal care.

Is Your Elderly Loved One Lonely?

Social isolation among the elderly is considered more of a health risk than smoking or obesity due to increased risk of falling and rapid cognitive decline. In fact, a recent study showed socialization in seniors resulted in a 50% decrease in death. Relocating your elderly loved one into an assisted living community such as Beau West can be fundamental in countering isolation and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. As a family member of someone you care deeply about, the peace of mind gained by knowing they are in the care of professionals who genuinely care about their wellbeing and happiness cannot be understated. At Beau West, we keep in constant contact with the family members of our residents and provide regular updates and reports.

The Peristyle at Beau West Can Help

Deciding whether assisted living is the right choice for your elderly loved one can be a tough decision. We understand this is not a one-off process, and we hope to fulfill your loved one’s needs for years to come. At Beau West, we have the experience and expertise to validate your decisions as one of the best you’ve ever made. Please contact us today to learn more information.

Locally owned and operated, The Peristyle at Beau West is the original one and only all Memory Care Community on the Northshore!