Loving like Family

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia brings about unique and difficult challenges. At the Peristyle at Beau West, we embrace our individual resident's and families, exceeding expectation through specialized Alzheimer’s/dementia care. Beau West is the only memory care assisted living community on the Northshore to be awarded with the Dementia Care Specialists' Distinguished Provider Award, a national award that recognizes select memory care communities that demonstrate excellence in resident care, specifically in cultivating an environment and team that allows their residents to enjoy the absolute greatest level of function, safety, and quality of life possible.

The cornerstone of our program is our ability to provide unsurpassed person-centered care that helps our residents living with Alzheimer's/dementia thrive and maintain quality of life, purpose, and health at every stage. We take time getting to fully know each resident in order to provide the very highest quality of personalized care. We are 100% focused on establishing relationships with residents that are based on trust. Our programs are designed to fill each day with happy moments and enriching activities to nurture the overall wellbeing of each resident.

With our specialized programing your loved one is able to live up to his or her emotional, spiritual, and functional potential at every stage of Alzheimer's/dementia. Through each step of the journey, we are here to guide, support your loved one and your family allowing you to enjoy many more special moments with your loved one. We provide 100% quality time and peace of mind.

  • A full-time Director of Health & Wellness
  • A full-time Activities Director
  • Around-the-clock nurses
  • Extensive dementia care training for all staff
  • Individualized wellness and fitness programs

R & R Restorative and Relaxation Therapy

Through our Restorative and Relaxation Therapy program (R & R) – We create a very individualized support plan for each of our cherished residents. Simple, basic, and thoughtful approaches to the physical and emotional challenges of our residents and their families.

Why is this program important to our residents?

  • Improves self-awareness and supports independence
  • Increases and sustained mobility and strength
  • Encourages participation in activities of daily living and socialization.
  • Assists in creating new memories and fortifying their legacy
  • Promotes a sense of pride and dignity while in a supportive environment

How will it support you and your family?

  • Offering families peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe and loved.
  • Offering 100% quality when visiting or taking loved ones on outings
  • By offering you lost time with your spouse, children, grandchildren, friends and career.
  • Advocacy and educational support as your family takes this journey together

Insures delivery of exceptional service by our Care Partners through…

  • New resident and family briefing which involves in depth understanding of the new resident’s personal history, who they are, where they are from and what’s most important to them and their family.
  • Encourage, support and where possible strengthen your loved ones physical and individual opportunities.
  • Being consistently aware of the changes in an individual’s personal day to day journey allows us to keep you continually involved with your loved ones care.