Tips For Creating An Amazing Easter Weekend For The Whole Family

Easter Holiday Ideas

With so much to find appealing about this spring tradition, Easter is a day filled with joy, happiness, and spirituality for Christians worldwide. Easter festivities are fun for all ages, relishing numerous aspects of the holiday, including a splendid Easter brunch and dinner, do-it-yourself (DIY) arts and crafts projects, the Easter bunny, and Easter egg hunts. 

Below are several fun Easter ideas for an epic weekend and grand celebration for the whole family. We hope this article inspires you to start planning your Easter weekend to create memories lasting a lifetime for you and your loved ones.

A Quick Meaning of Easter

Christians worldwide observe the Easter holiday commemorating Jesus’ rising from the dead. From a religious perspective, His resurrection saves us from our sins and opens the door to everlasting life in heaven. It is essential to honor the ceremonial side of Easter by attending church or mass. Remember that Easter falls during the transition from winter to spring, symbolizing rejuvenation in body and spirit. 

Easter Ideas at Home

There are numerous Easter activities you never have to leave home to enjoy, filling in quality time together during your epic Easter weekend. Dying eggs is always terrific for the kiddos and the whole family. The fun colors, mixed with plenty of know-how, can yield some great works of art. If dyes or hard-boiled eggs don’t strike your fancy, try crafting with various materials to make cards or other incredible decorations for the fridge or elsewhere in the home. 

Other fun Easter home activities you may enjoy include making paper mache eggs, creating a board or bingo game, a rousing game of Pictionary, crafting playdough eggs, or a Lego building competition. There is no limit to the creativity of crafting projects. After completing these projects, there will be many inexpensive but priceless gifts of enjoyment for everyone. If you seek a little physical activity, partake in a hop sack race to get outdoors. This also gives the cooks some space to plan and start work on dinner.

Cook Easter Brunch Together

Cooking Easter brunch together is a monumental way to start the day that the whole family can get behind. Plus, getting carbs in all those youngsters before they sweep around in search of undisclosed eggs, treats, and small gifts is essential. Our favorite Easter brunch foods include hard-boiled eggs (of course), cinnamon rolls, quiche, brioche french toast, and a smattering of different flavored bacon. We recommend having the little ones help with brunch by setting the table and making decorations. 

Don’t Forget The Easter Bunny and Egg Hunt!

The Easter Bunny is the ultimate master at hiding and stashing fun throughout any house or outdoor area. Kids always have fun meeting and interacting with this loveable and mystical character. Finding a sighting of the Easter Bunny in your neighborhood shouldn’t be difficult. There will often be a community event where he will be present. If you are having trouble tracking him down, you or a relative can create a version by dressing up as the Easter Bunny. Any costume and some good theatrics can go a long way for the little ones. Joy and bliss are ever-present in the fun-filled easter egg hunt. So, if your events involve kids, include this timeless tradition. 

Easter Activities with Kids

The above events are fun for any age, but Easter is perhaps most spectacular for kids. Don’t limit your range of possibilities by including some of the following kid-friendly activities in your holiday weekend:

  • A memorable hike or excursion
  • Take a scenic drive to take in some beautiful sights
  • Plan a picnic
  • Head to the park or beach for sports
  • Flying a kite if the wind is right
  • Reading an Easter story together.
  • Watching a movie as a group


Easter is a perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones and create new memories to last a lifetime. From classic egg hunts, family brunch, arts and crafts, and much more, there is something fun for everyone to enjoy during this holy Christian holiday. Ultimately, we hope this article inspires you to take Easter weekend into your own hands to create an experience the family will smile upon every year. 

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