Happy Life, Healthy Life: Scientifically- Backed Reasons To Find Your Happy

Recently, a critical mass of research has provided what might be the most basic and irrefutable argument in favor of that feeling we all chase, happiness: Happiness and good health go hand-in-hand. Several scientific studies suggest that happiness causes better health; others suggest that the two are most definitely correlated—perhaps good health causes happiness. Happiness and […]

How Tech Helps Seniors Stay Healthy and Connected

Senior woman listening to the music at home

Modern technology is revolutionizing the way we care for our beloved seniors. What once seemed unfathomable a decade ago is now more achievable than ever. Medical alert systems, smart thermostats, electronic medication boxes, and even digital monitoring tools have become industry standards. Not only does the patient benefit, but caregivers work more effectively, and families […]

What are Activities of Daily Living?

Happy senior woman looking after potted plants at home

As functioning adults, we continuously perform small tasks throughout the day to maintain our independence, such as brushing our teeth, going to the bathroom, eating breakfast, etc. These tasks are known as activities of daily living (ADLs) and are vital to our autonomy. As we grow older, ADL’s become more challenging due to age-related disabilities, such as […]

Parkinson’s Care in Mandeville, Louisiana

Parkinson’s disease is one of the most common degenerative disorders of the central nervous system, only second to Alzheimer’s disease. An estimated seven to ten million people have Parkinson’s disease worldwide, and each year in the United States, approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Interestingly, more men than women are affected by this disease, although age […]

A Quick Guide To Social Isolation Among The Elderly

Did you know that 27% of adults over age 60 live alone? That’s more than one out of every four older adults! While some older adults choose to live a solitary life, others live alone due to life circumstances like separation from children and family members, death of a spouse, and other forces outside of their […]